Australia Post

Foreign Cash

This retouching project involved creating a scene from a photoshoot, combined with travel photography.

Working closely with my art director, I set up the scene and brought in all elements: ensuring the girl, hand and cash would come together compositionally with the headline and type. I then began with touching up, and completed a full retouch of the scene. I worked in a warm European grade, with golden tones in the dark areas: contrasting this with blue/green teal tones in her dress. This was then tied together with soft highlights.

When we were satisfied with the image, the final step was to bring it into layout: typesetting and creating artwork for print and press formats.


Multi Currency Cash Passport

The Multi Currency Cash Passport, your new travel buddy! I worked closely with my art director on this piece, through concept to final, across tight deadlines with limited time and resources.

I assisted with the initial concept, selecting imagery to go with the card and pulling together the comp. After the photoshoot, I built each composition, which I then fully retouched and colour graded for a holiday vibe. I then designed and artworked them to a poster and table mat execution.

I also created a set of tiles for a Facebook carousel. Five ‘selfies’ of the traveller and his travel buddie flick through, revealing possible world adventures. I sourced unique shots for the backgrounds, and retouched them together with takes from the photoshoot.


Australia Post

Mighty Small Business


This is a 3D mockup of an exhibition stand, targeting small business owners at the Small Business Expo who might be in need of postage solutions. I assisted with the concepting and mockups: there would be a wall made out of postage boxes with ‘mighty’ text, where you can have your photo taken weightlifting barbells made out of postage boxes. And if you signed up for MyPost Business, you’d get a mighty red mug to take home.

Here is the final build on-site, with the giant wall of boxes, and barbells.