Australia Post

Frontline Recruitment


Australia Post is always on the look-out for new staff. They were keen to encourage existing Australia Post staff and employees to recruit their friends to come work with them.

The focus was on three roles: Postie Driver, Customer Service and Deliveries.

Initially briefed as a simple poster and card execution, it got me thinking. Rather than your standard card, what if you handed your friend keys to a van? Or a customer service namebadge, with their name on it? Even hand deliver a mini parcel to them? Rather than a pretty picture, the future employee would get a quick taste of what it would be like to work at Aus Post, and have something unique to look at.


Each role was designed with a set of three collateral each: the primary card, a visual postcard to tie it together, and a supporting poster. It was important for these to be visually strong and representative of the role. Illustrations and elements were adapted from Australia Post’s guidelines and visual suite, with new elements and typography meshed together with texture and brush-strokes.