Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight is a two week celebration of people coming together to support workers and farmers all around the world.

Promoting Fairtrade Fortnight to vendors and customers called for creation of a campaign lockup, as well as a series of posters, table talkers and misc collateral.

I created Fairtrade Fortnight’s lockup to stay in line with existing brand block typograpy, but introduced a textural look and feel in the full colour version. It includes a crisp green fading through black and to blue, directly tying into the colours of Fairtrade’s logo.

I then took cues from this textural, blocky look and feel and created illustrations to be used across promotional material. These included coffee leaves, beans and additional elements. I limited my colour tones on each element, and worked in textural and paint cues to help make each one stand out.

This was an exciting campaign, and it was fun to dive in and try something a little different to the usual.