Pepsi Max





Three tie-in campaigns for Pepsi Max and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.


Sole designer for all visuals
Layout design
Motion design
Microsite design


In-store advertising & point of sale
Catalogue advertisements
Digital banners
Video animation

Ice Box loop

The ice box animation was created as a 4 second seamless loop, and was designed to be the key element of interest in promotion pages and banners.


Behind the scenes

Making the Ice Box

These slides document the creation of the composition. The process began with the initial 3D model: which then lead from render tests through to mockups. With the completion of the final render, the composition began to take shape. Particle tests and options were the next stage.

The final composition is comprised of several main layers. Particle emitters and lighting effects are added onto a base render and 3D plane.

TVC Storyboard & Animatic