Personal Projects

The Blackgum Squall


A sailor is lost in a stormy sea in a battered boat and must take a chance to get out of danger.
The culmination of months of creative production, this computer animation was brought into existence in my final university year. Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects were heavily used throughout production, alongside RealFlow, ZBrush and more.
This project was planned extensively from idea through to storyboarding and into production. One of the biggest challenges was time management in this solo project. I worked hard to ensure that the time schedule was met, and all milestones completed on time or ahead of schedule.
Music: “Land Of Snow And Sorrow” by Wintersun, courtesy of Nuclear Blast GmbH. Used with permission.



A selection of assorted illustrations.


Frozen Man



David Attenborough


A sporty hippy